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SHS Vision Mission & Goals


Silsbee High School students will be equipped with Values, Skills, and Confidence to be progressively prepared for success in their chosen post-secondary pursuits.


Our mission is to facilitate the development of 21st-century global contributors who are:

  • Continual learners
  • Culturally aware
  • Systemic thinkers
  • Literate communicators
  • Societal contributors
  • Personally accountable


  • Silsbee ISD will develop a comprehensive system of benchmarks that will drive continuous improvement in student achievement and operational efficiency. 
  • Silsbee ISD will enhance offerings and facilities so that all students have access to courses that progressively prepare them for success in their chosen post-secondary pursuits.
  • Using board, student, and community-leader resources, Silsbee ISD will develop, communicate, and execute a Board-Superintendent initiated plan to promote parent and community support of educational efforts of the district.