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Admission Policy

Silsbee Early College High School (SECHS) welcomes any student interested in earning a high school diploma and college credit hours simultaneously.  As stipulated by the Texas Education Agency, SECHS shall serve , or plan to scale up to serve, students who are identified as at risk of dropping out of school as defined by the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) or  who might not otherwise go to college.  An applicant must be a Silsbee ISD actively enrolled student in the 8th grade. 

Application Information

Enrollment in SECHS is by application only. Application and enrollment information will be provided to students and parents at SECHS Information Sessions held at Silsbee High School. Interested students may also download the application found on the SECHS website.  Only complete, signed applications submitted by the deadline will be considered.

All applications are to be submitted by the deadline to the front office staff at the Edward Johnson Memorial Middle School labeled “To The Attention of Silsbee ECHS”.

Application Review

The SECHS Campus Administration will review all applications, conduct student interviews and provide consultation to students and parents regarding the commitment and performance expectations of an SECHS course.


Silsbee ISD administration determines the number of SECHS seats available each year.   If the number of applicants exceeds the number of seats available, then a performance-blind, open-access lottery will be conducted to select the students for admission.  Each applicant will be included once. Applicants identified as At-Risk of not graduating will be included an additional two times. Applicants identified as African American, Economically Disadvantaged or Male will be included one additional time.

The lottery process shall be conducted by the High School Principal, SECHS Student Coordinator, teacher representatives and held at the Silsbee High School campus. All entries will be drawn and recorded in the order in which drawn for placement on a Wait List.  A video of the lottery process will be recorded and made part of the documentation retained according to district procedures.

Applicants not selected for admission will be placed on a Wait List for admission consideration should a selected applicant withdraw and a seat becomes available.  Admission consideration for vacated seats ends on the first instructional day of school for whichever comes first, LIT or Silsbee ISD.

Transfer Students

Students transferring into Silsbee ISD from another ECHS designated school as enrolled and in good standing will be considered for admission.